Reading List #3

November 1, 2009 – 6:00 pm

Here we go, another reading list. It has been a bit more than a week so I hope I haven’t missed anything. If you think I am missing an article from these lists, let me know in the comments and I will include it in the next one.


A nice basic sum-up of things to keep in mind when evaluating a potential inbound link you are about to acquire.

On value of outgoing links. Yes, I wrote outgoing, not incoming. Look for a link to a relevant experiment written about on the same site.

Sometimes it is important to read articles that do not teach you anything new, but can serve as an example of premature jumping to conclusions. It looks like the author has chosen the outcome of his experiment and did not let anything put him off track to reaching it. While exact match domains can provide advantage when optimizing for the exact match keyword (due to evasion of those parts of algorithm that are supposed to prevent over-optimization of onsite and offsite backlink anchors), buying an old domain, outfitting it with WordPress and providing quality content can hardly be considered as a sterile testing environment. Designing an experiment is not a simple task and one should always beware of engineering the test conditions that will inevitably lead to a specific answer over all other possible ones.

Traffic analysis is one of the most important aspects of optimization and can serve as a source of significant improvement of conversion of your existing traffic as well as expose ways of bringing in new visitors too. This article gives a very nice explanation of a difference between the bounced visitor and a visitor that has exited your page,.

Interview with 3 SEO professionals (not calling them gurus on purpose) about the possible benefits of press releases for SEO. You can find some nuggets in there, but don’t forget to put on your critical reading glasses 😉

Another article about PRs. I thought this one was nice because it gives nice ideas about the research one should do BEFORE writing and publishing the PR, together with screenshots of different research techniques one should use.

Nice little tactic for discovering your competition’s long tails. It shows an interesting approach according to which you should value keywords not only by traffic but also by the preparedness of natural linkers to use them in the anchors. Very interesting approach.

Some interesting insights on how people from the UK search for travel-related terms. Has a link to a recording of a related webinar so if this niche is of some interest to you, I recommend devoting it 41 minutes and watching it at the link provided at the bottom of the article (free registration required)

A nice summary by Google’s John Mueller (@johnmu) of different ways to deal with duplicate content on your site.

A bunch of tips for a linkbuilder. Some of them are even new (to me). Others were heard before but it is good to have them all in one place and some should constantly be repeated.

This should be a required reading for every manual link builder out there. List of guidelines to use when writing a link request email. Rules so simple, yet so unimplemented by the vast majority of them, judging by the link requests I get.

The chances are that the majority of you will be in a situation where you have to contact the search engine representatives for assistance with getting your site out of penalty or helping you with some other technical issue related to how your site is being crawled or ranked in SERPs. This article provides a list of guidelines how to establish contact in a way that will provide you with most chances of succeeding and getting your problem solved. Imprtant read.

Did you mean Deciphering ? A solid post from the Aaron Wall factory on understanding the Google Adwords Quality Score.

This is my favorite post of the whole list. Usually, these lists are pretty much regurgitated stuff showcasing already seen tools or providing a stage for self promotion. Ari’s list is fresh, well organized and above all, damn useful. Since the article got published I have already used a number of tools from that list that I’ve never used before and scored me a couple of nice domains. Do not only read it, bookmark it and keep it for latter use.

A very good piece on potential pitfalls in marketing your site in foreign markets. I particularly liked the “not giving consideration to how you will manage content” and “taking the agency’s international claims at face value”.

SEOs around the world have been bashing heads to understand the nature of the Vince (or brand update), including trying to understand how Google defines brands. This is another shot at trying to explain the nature of these algo changes. For additional reading on this topic, check out Shark SEO’s article on the same subject

All you needed to know about geotags.

Another great article by Garret French on how to create content that will attract natural links. I suggest that you find a quiet spot, remove all other distractions and dig into this one, including all the links in the article.

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  2. Some interesting pages there – thank you for sharing!
    I’m currently going through the list.

    By IsraeliMom @ on Nov 1, 2009

  3. Thanks for this excellent list. I enjoyed the list as well. I tried out the LinkDiagnostics tool from that list and was really impressed. I especially like that when I switched to a different tab while the report was being compiled, it put a status icon in my window to indicate the progress of the report. -Jason

    By New Jersey Movers on Nov 3, 2009

  4. Your reading list posts have really been informative, and i’m discovering new sites. thanks

    By Dan on Nov 6, 2009

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