Reading List #2

September 29, 2009 – 5:48 pm

Hey, I got some nice reactions to my reading list. So here we go again. Make sure to pay attention to a special insight at the end of the list, i think it is worth it 😉

A very nice article on the type of questions you should ask when interviewing a potential link builder. Actually it is more about types of personalities you may encounter when hiring a link builder and which one of those you should be looking for

A nice review of the problems Flash-based site may encounter in search engines and possible search-engine friendly solutions. Can serve as a decent referrence to clients. One thing though, when writing SEO articles, you want to be as non-vague and precise with your words as possible: “But if you go with this option remember to submit only the HTML version to the search engine.” Really ? Submit the HTML version to the search engine ? Come on, you know better.

I cannot understand why this article is called “5 steps…” and not “Hundreds of practical steps and …just print it out and learn it by heart already”. I love articles which not only give you a list of concrete things to do, but also open your mind to numerous additional possibilities to develop. A must read for every link builder out there. Includes a download link to a link building outreach worksheet.

A nice overview on how to get the most out of Majestic SEO backlink reports. While being very useful, Majestic is not always the easiest tool to use, so any additional information on how to get the most out of it is great.

A very nice nugget. After actually convincing a client that it is important to blog, there is always the stage where his writer (or your writer working for him) hits the solid wall with ideas on what to write on the blog. Here is a nice list that can be explored to get ideas for a business blog writing.

Stephen Spencer alert! Outlining 7 steps to successful linkbaiting. If you ignore the hype (which was really a great case study, but one article was enough 🙂 ) you will come up with some great starting points for your linkbaiting campaign.

A post bursting with information. Analysis of the most linked-to posts on SEOMoz. Compares different types of posts (list posts vs. non-list posts), post categories and whether there was an image or video included in the post. Very inspirational.

While not having specific tips on linkbuilding, this post tries to put the linkbuilder (and not just him) in a linkbuilding state of mind. See everything as a link building opportunity. One thing that I would like to add is when doing this, it is important not to forget about your inner moral compass that should be alerting you about those link opportunities that are better not taken.

A good reminder of how relationships can be used to build links

Some nice tips on using Wikipedia for your SEO purposes. Beware, not all of them are white-hattish 🙂

This is cool. Google start showing links to specific sections of the page. This is something that the good people at Huomah blog have been discussing for quite a while now – Page Segmentation – and this is another way for Google to get even more granular with the ways the assign link juice and evaluate relevancy on a page level.

Pay attention – it is extremely important to doubt each and every one of the tools in your box, especially the keyword building ones. Here is the list of reasons why your keyword research tool is probably giving you wrong data. There is another thing worth paying attention to in this article and it is who wrote it. I will expand on that at the end of the list.

Google comes out with a new Adwords Keyword tool. Looks much nicer and much easier to use. Does it provide more information? Not so sure…

An important part of on-page SEO – site architecture – does not bring maximal benefit if the structure does not reflect the keyword focus each section of the site is trying to target. This post explains how Wordstream free keyword analysis tool helps you perform this task. Again, notice where this post is being published and check out the end of this list for further discussion.

A very nice overview of how to use .htaccess file for your SEO needs. Bookmark for future reference.

I usually don’t like putting interviews on this list, but this interview with Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO outlines some of the important features of Majestic, information that the current and future users can find useful.

You may have noticed already that I like these articles that provide ideas on how to do certain aspects of SEO, especially if they just scratch the surface without exposing specific tactics, thus rendering them useless pretty quickly. This is another one of those articles and (with the exception of listing Google Search as a potential linkbait idea finding resource) some of the ideas in there will make you go hmmm.


And now for all the mysterious mentions of the discussion in some of the above links: it is amazing how one can learn from any activity, even when learning is not the intention. In the past few weeks, while gathering articles for this list, I have noticed a growing trend of guest articles written by people from Wordstream – a new keyword research tool (yes, I am linking to them with targeted anchor, since their efforts deserve some reward). In addition to the guest posts, I have also noticed some very interesting links that they scored from very respectable places (pay attention to very targeted anchor text in the first two paragraphs of this article 😉 ). It is very interesting to follow the progress of Wordstream website for keywords that they are using to link to their website, both in guest posts and in other mentions around the web and to see how their ranking changes over time, when they are competing in a niche that at first glance looks very saturated and competitive. It can be a compelling case study in optimization through content syndication and other tactics. One can learn a lot by watching what others are doing 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the mention and inclusion in the list. All the best.

    By Jeffrey Smith on Sep 29, 2009

  3. Hi Branko,

    My name’s Tom Demers, I’m the Director of Marketing at WordStream. Really flattering mention! Elisa Gabbert, Ken Lyons, and Susannah Richardson (our marketing team) all really hustle to generate and promote a pretty impressive amount of content.

    We’ve also benefited from the search space being very cordial and quickly accepting us. It’s definitely a saturated space but the cool thing is that a lot of the bloggers “get it” and if they perceive you as adding value and if you can consistently contribute articles they like they’re very liberal with things like links and anchor text.

    Incidentally great roundup: Garrett French and David Harry are two of my personal favorites.

    Thanks again for the kind words: much appreciated!


    By Tom Demers on Sep 29, 2009

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