After 8 years

March 23, 2009 – 10:57 pm

Yesterday I gave notice at Tens Web Marketing. It feels weird to even write this, let alone do it.

I have joined Tens at 2001. Fresh out of the army, I moved to Jerusalem, searched for [internet companies in Jerusalem] on Walla and sent out my CV to all of them. Emanuel was one of the few that responded and it all  went downhill from there. There was lot of discussing, plenty of learning, lot of good times and some bad times too. In the course of those 8 years. Internet has completely transformed (think no social media), SEO has evolved from quick fix of the metatags to what it is today (don’t get me started there) and Tens has evolved with it all. From being a two man (and a cat) operation working from a private apartment in the beautiful Rehavia neighborhood of Jerusalem to the 10 people company in the offices in the hi-tech area of Har Hotzvim, it has certainly grown since then. Together we went through the aftermath of the bubble bursting (not this bubble, that bubble), demasking of GoogleGuy from WMW, Florida update, participation on (late) Jimworld forums, iHelpYou forum and now Sphinn and many other landmarks in the SEO timeline (bit weird to call it history).  In those 8 years we have (usually successfully)  tackled some of the most bizarre search engine niches (hip replacement anyone?) as well as some of the most competitive ones. With time, the company exposure has grown as well and from giving a talk to 20 marketing executives with question marks above their heads (SE-what?) at the Israel Export Institute, cooperating with other SEOs at SEO Circle, talking to entrepreneurs at the MIT Forum, helping organize the first Sphinncon here in Jerusalem (oh man, that was fun) and talking on the SEO panel at the coming Affilicon and Tens has definitely become an integral part of the Israeli Internet marketing landscape.

So where am I headed next ?

I have joined a very interesting marketing company from Tel Aviv named WhiteWeb. Beside the impressive customer portfolio and all the benefits, the things that was a deal breaker for me was the job description – I am to be responsible for acquiring and maintaining the know-how of the company. What that means is that I will be doing a lot of experimenting, problem solving, A/B/C/D/E… testing and blogging – one of the things I asked for was to be able to blog about all the interesting findings and discoveries and you can definitely expect more of that coming. In addition I will be attending more conferences both here and abroad so will finally get to meet a whole lot of people I was interacting with through different (fill the blank)spheres. It tells a lot about the company that is willing to invest in a full time research position even in this economy and I am very excited to be joining the WhiteWeb team.

I will not be neglecting my MSc. either and until I finish the lab work (beginning of October), I will be working partly at the office and partly from home.

So since I am staying in the field, I will definitely be bumping into all of the Israeli SEOs in general and the Tens crowd in particular. I am really thankful for everything I’ve learned and am wishing all the best to my friends at Tens.

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  2. Congrats on the new job! I am sure Tens will miss you, as much as you will miss them. Best of luck!

    By Barry Schwartz on Mar 23, 2009

  3. Congratulations, I did a similar move myself last year, and it really was the best thing. Now come to SMX Advanced!

    By Monica Wright on Mar 23, 2009

  4. Thanks guys.

    @monica, unfortunately, SMX is on the same dates as the Affilicon, where i am on an SEO panel, so unfortunately it will have to wait. Hopefully I will be making it to Pubcon…

    By Neyne on Mar 24, 2009

  5. Congrats Branko, sounds like a great move! Hope you’ll be sharing some of the knowledge acquired here 🙂

    By Daniel Mcskelly on Mar 24, 2009

  6. O wow Branko !!!
    Good luck in you new way…man your my #1 expert

    By Tzvika Avnery on Mar 24, 2009

  7. Hi Branko. best of luck with the move and can’t wait for more of the experimental stuff to get blogged about.. ..what a job, sounds great 🙂

    regards from Ibiza


    By kev grant on Apr 10, 2009

  8. Branko,

    Best of luck in this new position – look forward to continued knowledge sharing – we actually have some ideas to share!


    By Sam Michelson on May 12, 2009

  9. You are the only one who switched only once in 8 years from one company to another. I hope yo will perform even better there. I am sad for tens though, LOL!

    By Vanessa on May 24, 2009

  10. Our life is combination of range of events and happening on this planet. It happen couple of times for a few people and some are addicted to it. It always comes like a change which can be positive for someone and negative for some other. Wish you good luck with your job.

    By Zula on May 31, 2009

  11. Halo Hamus,
    cestitam na novo radno mesto.. .

    By Nagec on Jun 17, 2009

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