Affilicon 2009 Presentation – Behavioral Metrics in Search Engine Algorithms

June 2, 2009 – 10:14 pm

Just came back from the Affilicon conference where I participated on the Future of SEO panel and gave a talk about behavioral parameters that (maybe are and) will possibly be used by search engines in their ranking algos. The response to the presentation was great (especially from the SEO crowd at the conference). All in all, had a great time, met a few new people, started rolling the ball on some SEO meetups and cooperations we may organize here in the near future and enjoyed the panels. Food was also great. Kudos to Itay and the crew for putting everything together and big Thank You for providing the opportunity to participate on the panel. Here is the presentation I gave:

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  2. I enjoyed your presentation very much. You have spoken of several issues that are highly important, but most don’t pay much attention to.

    According to my experience everything you have mentioned is already THERE. None of it is futuristic (perhaps will become more significant in the future): All of the mentioned parameters have their weight in the algorythm, and fully applied nowadays (not only at .com).

    Let me know how I can contact you; facebook or something would be great. I’d like to discuss those issues with you – it seems to me we could fertilize each other in terms of knowledge.

    By agroup on Jun 3, 2009

  3. Unfortunately I couldn’t see you live, but the diases seem quite good. Makes me wish to have been there even more… 🙂

    By Martin Hegelund on Jun 4, 2009

  4. @agroup, i sent you a mail.

    @Martin: hopefully we will run into each other somewhere else.

    @Lohith: Im not sure there was a camera recording this particular session and even if it was, i don’t have a copy

    By Neyne on Jun 4, 2009

  5. That was a nice presentation that you gave. I have never been to one of these confrences but have always heard about them. Are they available to the open public or just to Businesses?


    By Real Estate Club Las Vegas on Jun 27, 2009

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